Easter Island – Moaï

Rapa Nui is the local name of Easter Island, famous by its mystery Moai statues

The Moaïs are supposed to be the representation of the Chief of a clan or his Ancestor

There are about 887 Moaïs on Rapa Nui. The culture Rapa Nui was at the top between 880 after JC to around 1680. On the ceremonial places, the statues were bigger and bigger to show the power of the clan, which involved a kind of challenge between the different chiefs of the villages.

The biggest Moaï is 21,60m long for a weight of 182 tons and is called “the Giant”
The middle size is 4,05m for 12,5 tons

Apart rare exceptions, they are not facing the sea but the village to protect it.


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