Zambia  –  South Luangwa September 2022 Sep 8th Arrival in South Luangwa National Park, we come from Lusaka to land in MFUWE Airport, it’s the beginning of the afternoon, after 45 minutes on a paved road, we enter into the National Park, Kapamba lodge is at 2 hours-drive.  On the way, we cross a group of Kudus called Bachelors. The Bachelors […]


My feelings on the Wildebeest Migration

It’s early morning, the weather is stormy when we leave the camp and the landscape is dressed in pastel colors, nature is waking up! The wildebeests are everywhere; we decide to stop the car and wait. After a while, a herd seems to be on the move to cross the river. We are in the […]


Trip on the Heath River

The “Heath River Centre Lodge” is on the Heath river, which marks the frontier between Peru and Bolivia; nothing to see except some local miners looking for gold. Soon after leaving, except the splendid crescent of the moon, the night was complete. The boat had no lights and followed the indications of someone lightening the […]


My Bhutan Trip – Anecdotes

PARO : The landing in Paro airport was a bit impressive but the weather was good…After flying one hour or so above the huge white dissected range of Himalaya, the plane began to go slowly down but facing the mountains. I could not see any runaway to land but the very near slopes. I looked […]


Uganda – Gorilla track

After 7 hours drive from Kampala with a boring driver who did not say a word, we arrived at the hotel near the park of Bwindi at the end of the afternoon. The hotel was in the lush at the foot of the gorilla mountains. The view was beautiful and the number of rooms being […]


North Sulawesi

15/6 – After 2 hours of flights, we landed in Manado… For those who thought North Sulawesi is only a luxurious jungle, be prepared to a shock, Manado is just a big over crowded town with a lot of traffic jams. GARDENIA COUNTRY INN   The traffic is everywhere, but the Hotel Gardenia Country Inn […]