Gabon – Dung Beetle

The dung Beetles are the world strongest insects and also animals. They can roll up to 10 times their weight and male Beetles can pull 1,141 times their own body weight  which means for a normal human to drag 6 full double decker buses or 80 tons…no comment!!!

The ball is made of poop mostly used to feed their young.

they are the only insects which can navigate & orient themselves following the light of the Milky Way or that of cluster of Stars!

Their abilities clearly exceed human abilities — even though they are equipped with a brain that is smaller than a grain of rice. In addition, the results confirm that an insect brain is not a « static substrate, » but a piece of a « highly plastic neuronal machinery that can adapt to its environment in a perfect way, » as the scientists write.

it seems they existed already 30 millions years ago

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