Picture of Adelie Penguins

After traveling three days by boat on an untamed sea from Ushuaia, I could jump on the first piece of land belonging to Antarctica and be introduced to my first Adelie penguin colony. I would never have imagined so many Adelies around me and began to take my first pictures of penguins

This species is the largest concentration of penguins; they weight around 5kg for a height of around 68 cm.

I  never imagined before, that one day I would move  among them without frightening them, on the contrary, very curious, they liked to come nearer and stay at one meter staring at me carefully. I even remember quite well, when I was discussing with some people, an Adelie penguin came in the middle of the group, like a tourist  and looked at us very interested in our conversation! I was really surprised by their human interest…

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