South Tanzania – Cheetah with cubs

In Africa, Cheetah lives in open areas like savannah, from there it can better observe its future preys, like impalas when hunting and it also has an overview on possible predators overall when it has cubs.

Most of the time, if there is a rocky bump, the cheetah sits at the top to look around.

It is a very slim mammal with long legs, it can run very fast (around 90 km/h and even a bit more) but on a short distance when trying to catch antelopes… during these moments the cubs are hidden in the grass.

It’s characteristic is the black “painted” tears from the corner of its eyes

The cheetah belongs to cats group; it is among the most endangered species.

Looking at the cubs on my picture, their long grey fur lets me think they should be around 2 months old.

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