The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is long of 80km connecting the Atlantic to the Pacific; it goes trough the mountains and is at 95m above sea level. It takes about 8 to 10 hours for a boat to cross it. The canal is constituted of 3 main parts: the Gatun Lake which is the result of an artificial damp on the Chagres River and the Culebra trench, long of 13,7km and dug first on a width of 92m in solid rocs and also volcanic ones, it was widening in 2001 to 192m on straight line and 222 on curve, and 3 locks. The locks work as a lift and allow the boats to pass from sea level to Gatun lake (+26m). They are of 33,53m wide by 303,8m long, the boat can measure up to 294m. New works are actually thought to increase the canal capacity to support much bigger boats.

The canal is the most important sources of revenues for Panama


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