Zambia Animals

When I came to the Luangwa Valley and the Kafue NP of Zambia, I was very surprised by the number of Animals I found there. I could even share some strong events of the lion’s life, when after resting a couple mated, shouting both at the sky and giving me some shivers; further on the way, some others were devouring an hippo before resting at sunset, I count them, they were eleven.

Among others animals & mammals I had the chance to follow a leopard, to stop near a jumping impala, and to take pictures of a herd of Lechwes, but I avoided the big hippo full of Scarfaces and running angry towards me, I much preferred to laugh at the crazy rolling hippo in a pond which made a one hippo show…

Apart from the baboons, roan antelopes, elephants, puku, waterbucks, Zambia boasts of a lot of birds such as carmine and white fronted bee-eaters, Hamerkop, sacred ibis, lilian’s lovebirds, paradise whydah and a lot of yellowbilled storks fishing together and also the giant eagle Owl peering at me in the night.